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Sponsor a Student: Give Monthly


It doesn’t take much to make a world of difference. Consistent monthly support is how Girls First makes long-range plans to ensure every child’s right to a safe and stable environment where they can discover new skills and talents, and develop tools through our trauma-informed, arts-based curriculum to achieve greater success in school and beyond. Make your 100% tax-deductible monthly donation to Girls First today!

What a Student Receives:

Your support will help ensure families never receive a bill from Girls First for tuition, curricular activities, meals, field trips, art supplies or creative explorations with our community partners. Making a regular, monthly donation is a vital way to invest in changing lives at Girls First. Your gift will cover a portion of the annual cost to educate one Girls First student.


Thanks to your support, students will continue to build resilience and practice social and emotional skills such as communication, problem solving, and empathy – all required to navigate everyday life. Best of all, students will receive an ongoing investment in their futures.


What You Receive When You Sponsor a Student:

Girls First will send you ongoing updates and communications showing the positive change your support creates for students, their families, and the community in which we serve. You will also receive special invitations to three annual Girls First showcases and other activities. Gifts to the Sponsor a Child program are unrestricted.


If you would rather make your gift by phone, please call 610-453-2281 and our staff will be happy to help.  

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